Analysis of CNC Tool Compensation Calculation in NC Turning Simulation

In the simulation system, the system finally controls the tool center point to realize the cutting simulation. Therefore, the tool center trajectory should be obtained according to the programmed trajectory. The tool length compensation and radius compensation processing method is as follows: using the idea of ​​“lokfo, ard”, cyclically read two processing trajectories, each step contains the step number and processing type (fast forward, work advance, go increment) , the tool holder number, the tool offset number, the tool nose radius compensation, the track type (line or arc), the track key point, and the spindle speed, feed amount, etc., determine the position of the tool nose center. Consider the length of the tool center. Compensation, the tool nose center trajectory is converted into the tool center trajectory. It can be judged according to the following theorem: Theorem: If the two line segments are counterclockwise in the plane Cartesian coordinate system, their vector cross product is positive and clockwise is negative.

When one of the two machining trajectories is an arc or both segments are arcs, a tangent to the arc can be made at the intersection B. According to the tooltip compensation mode and direction of each of the two machining segments, the VCNC system performs the current When processing the section, the trajectory of the subsequent processing section is read in advance, and the center trajectory of the tool tip is calculated according to the above formula. The simulation system modeling is carried out on the 3D CAD platform, which consists of a tool holder, a tool, a fixture, and a workpiece. The tool position data command drives the tool mounted on the tool holder to perform a cutting simulation of the workpiece mounted on the tool holder. Through the views, TorbarS command, for example, open the Tolbars dialog box with the technology of Fujian Kyushu Group Nanping Motor Co., Ltd., click the New button, and the input tool is running on the AutocAD200. The effect is good.

When the name of the bar, select the Custo and ze button, select Custom, the user will be able to use the same method, drag the AutoLISP to the toolbar with the empty button, and then right click on the button to go to the mechanical and electrical , construction, fashion design and other fields. Use the button icon that you can set yourself. Programs written in the AutoLISP language can not only create user-defined menu commands and tool buttons, but also pass key commands, and can also input ROUGH from the command line accurately or quickly in the form of parameter input. And the tool to complete the drawing work, to achieve the parametric design of the graphics, to achieve high quality, button selection, 'ROUGH', command, you can follow the instructions in the program, efficient design effects.


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