Gold Sea Lions "Win-Win" Commercial Vehicle Market

Recently, Dalian Wantong Automobile, a designated sales flagship store in the Brilliance Jinbei Dalian area, learned that from November 1 to December 10, special promotions for the tourism and leasing industries were carried out, and more than 3 cars were purchased (including 3). Enjoy free after-sales warranty policy. Increased to 2 and a half years and 70,000 kilometers on the basis of 2 years/50,000 kilometers (Sea Lions do not participate in activities for six generations).

Gold Cup H2 platform brand new models Gold Cup Sea Lions W total gasoline, diesel fuel in two forms of the six models, petrol version models priced at 129,800 yuan to 151,800 yuan, diesel models sold for 129,800 yuan to 16.88 Ten thousand yuan. In the future, the Golden Ocean Lions W will win a total of 10 to 14 high-end business and leisure vehicle markets with the Golden Ocean Lion L listed in 2010.

Car travel development
- Win-win with the industry
At this year's 20th Guangzhou International Tourism Exhibition, Brilliance Jinbei’s “new concept car”, the Golden Ocean Sea Lion, became the official designated business vehicle and is fully responsible for the transfer missions of domestic and foreign tourism associations, travel alliances, and tourism industry guests. . At the same time, Brilliance Jinbei also pioneered the industry and brought in two business travel products, Gold Cup, Great Ocean Lion L, Golden Cup, Great Ocean Lion, W, and a cross-border exhibition tour industry expo, which opened up a new breakthrough for the company “from car circle to tourism circle”.

Brilliance Jinbei, which is a vehicle manufacturer for the commercial vehicle market, especially for the industry, complies with the development trend of high-end commercial vehicles in China. It re-launched in the 12 to 14-seat Gold Ocean Lions L in a year and launched 10 to 12 seats wide. The “Big Ocean Lion Lion W”, a sports travel company, further enriches the product layout of the Golden Ocean Sea Lion series.

The world feast favored plus
- Win-win with international
In the 1980s, the Chinese passenger car industry had a powerful cooperation and cooperation with the world's advanced passenger car technology, drew on a wealth of technical nutrition, and completed a major integration of the world bus technology and the Chinese bus market; after 2005, after the growth, China's bus technology has attracted the attention of overseas customers. More and more overseas readers are trying to purchase Chinese buses. In recent years, as China has successfully bid for the Olympics, World Expo and other international events, it has also driven business travel, tourism coaches and other related industries. The rapid development.

It is a source of pride that since the launch of the Great Ocean Lions L in 2010, it has won the attention of many world-class events such as the Shenzhen World University Games, the Summer Davos Forum, and the Guangzhou International Tourism Exhibition, becoming designated business vehicles. This not only proves that the Jinbei brand's product image complements the high-profile exhibitions, highlights Brilliance Jinbei’s pioneering style in the commercial vehicle market, but also demonstrates the strength of the Chinese national automobile industry to the world.

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