Haida sums up the common anomalies and solutions of the rain chamber

Haida sums up the common anomaly of the rain test chamber and its solution Haida summarizes the problems and solutions of the rain chamber. There are many precautions during the use of the equipment, and there are some major or minor abnormal faults. Quickly solve these problems, then follow Haida Xiaobian together to understand it.

First, the machine has no electricity Solution: Check the power, phase sequence, zero line is normal Second, the pendulum tube does not move Solution: Check the parameter settings are correct, check the oscillating tube motor is normal Third, the dial does not turn Solution: View parameters Whether the setting is correct, check the turntable motor is working, four, no water solution: check the water pressure is normal, check the pump is working, check the nozzle is blocked, the water flow is too large Solution: water pressure adjustable 1, the machine in Before the test, check whether there is enough water in the tank. If not, please fill it with water to prevent damage to the pump.

2. If abnormal noise is heard during operation, it needs to be stopped for inspection. After the fault is solved, it can be used again.

3. If the machine runs for a long time, if it is found that the water spray hole is clogged, the pipe needs to be removed, and then rinsed with water and then assembled;

4, the machine is in a non-working condition and needs to be kept dry;

5, to prevent dust from invading the machine, cover the plastic cover after use;

6, to avoid the impact of external equipment;

7. The ventilation fan needs to be installed in the box to keep the room ventilated;

8. After the test is completed, remove the sample and clean it.

Haida summarized the common anomalies and solutions of the raining test chamber. Above, some common faults of the equipment are abnormal. If users encounter the above problems, they can solve it according to the above-mentioned methods. Haida Xiao Biao Friendly Tips: If the equipment is abnormal during operation, it is necessary to stop the test and check it. After the fault is solved, it can continue to work.

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