Horizontal centrifugal pump power requirements and standards and simulation test device requirements

Horizontal centrifugal pump power requirements:
â‘  pump output power (liquid power) ruler = pieces <3? / 1000;
â‘¡ shaft power (prime mover to the shaft power) P;
â‘¢ prime mover power Pgr.
Pump efficiency 7 = Pe / P; unit efficiency% r = PeAPgr.
Prescribed point: refers to the specified pump design and manufacturing given speed, flow, head, shaft power, NPSH and efficiency values ​​corresponding to the operating point. The parameters corresponding to the specified point are the specified parameters.
Pump working range: refers to greater than and less than the specified flow (or head) between the value of a certain range. Large flow point refers to the working area is greater than the specified flow boundary point; small flow point is the working area is less than the specified flow boundary point.
Horizontal centrifugal pump standard test device requirements
All effective measures must be taken to ensure that the liquid passing through the measuring section has the following characteristics:
â‘  Axisymmetric speed distribution;
â‘¡ isostatic pressure distribution;
â‘¢ no device caused by the vortex.
For standard test circuits, the length of a straight pipe from a tank with a free surface or into a large container with a stationary surface in a closed circuit, and the diameter of the pump inlet, etc., is defined as:
â‘  If the inlet throttle valve has been kept fully open, the length of the straight pipe of the diameter of the case, port and other ports shall not be less than 7D (D is the diameter of the pump and outlet pipes);
â‘¡ If the population throttle at any opening state, and the diameter of the pump inlet straight pipe length of not less than 12D;
â‘¢ standard test device, and the pump population diameter equal to straight pipe length of not less than 4D (C grade) or 5D (B grade).
Horizontal centrifugal pump simulation test device requirements
If the pump is to be tested under simulated field conditions, it is not advisable to set the rectifying grid immediately in front of the pump. The flow characteristics of the analogue loop should be controllable, the flow should be as free from vortex as possible and have a symmetrical velocity profile. When necessary, the test tube shall be used to determine the velocity distribution of the simulated circuit to verify that the flow characteristics meet the requirements. If not, a suitable device such as a rectifier grid can be provided to obtain the required flow characteristics, but it must be ensured that large pressure losses will not occur in the test conditions.

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