LED environmental protection and energy saving market develops rapidly

The problem of pollution in the mainland has become increasingly serious, and it has once again triggered the urgency of promoting energy conservation and environmental protection. The LED industry has entered the take-off period in the lighting industry in the next year. According to the LEDinside report of the research and development organization, the global LED lighting penetration rate is rapidly increasing. It is estimated that the output value of LED lighting will reach 17.8 billion US dollars in 2014 (2014), and the total number of LED lighting products shipped will reach 1.32 billion, which is 68. In terms of regions, the growth rate of LED lighting products in China will reach 86.
LEDinside said that the global LED lighting product replacement tide is caused by the rapid decline in prices, among which the alternative Light source products are the most obvious. Bulb lamps and lamps are the most popular alternative light source types, accounting for the 2013 LED lighting products. 38 and 25.
In the mainland market, the government actively promotes the development of the LED industry through subsidy policies, while at the same time dissolving overcapacity and corporate closure caused by excessive subsidies in upstream equipment. LEDinside estimates that the growth rate of LED lighting products in the mainland will reach 86.
The LED lighting market is gradually expanding, and the LED component industry in Taiwan is making efforts to move forward. According to the statistics of the Photovoltaic Association (PIDA), as of 2012, Taiwan’s downstream LED packaging and module industry applications are dominated by display backlights, and revenues account for 33, followed by lighting 20, but it is expected that in the case of various manufacturers actively develop LED lighting market, 2013 will break through 20, shortening the revenue gap between backlighting applications.
Philips, the lighting manufacturer, estimates that LED lighting output will reach 11 billion US dollars next year. The legal person said that LED lighting demand is expected to grow by 50 to 100 this year, and new technologies will further reduce costs, which will help leading players to open up and compete with competitors. The gap, therefore, will be the big one Evergrande, including Crystal Power, Ronda, Everlight and other profitability will improve.

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