Sales Ahead of the Oprah GTL Adversity

Auman GTL is a heavy-duty truck manufactured by Foton Daimler in accordance with European standards. In this dismal truck market, Auman GTL's performance is remarkable, especially among high-end logistics users. This made the cold commercial vehicle market appear one of the few bright colors.

Good policy + accurate positioning = sales volume

Judging from the national market, Auman GTL performed best in the Shenzhen market. "So far, the company's sales of Auman's GTL have reached 160 units, and the order volume has exceeded 200. The main force of this year's sales is the 6×4 tractor, and another 4×2 tractor is both in the engine assembly and the chassis. Fittings are more suitable for the Shenzhen market, will have a good performance in the future market, we are now in contact with the manufacturers to introduce this car." Shenzhen? Source Automotive Trade Co., Ltd. Manager Chen Keji told reporters.

Chen Kejun said that before the reporter gave him a call, two more customers booked him with 10 Auman GTLs. When asked why the Auman GTL was sought after in the Shenzhen market, Chen Kelu summed up three points.

He said: "Ouman GTL actually performs well in the national market. The performance of the Shenzhen market is slightly better than that of the whole country. The reason why Shenzhen's sales are so good is that the first is the accurate positioning of the customer groups. We do Auman dealers. For a long time, the accuracy of each user group in Shenzhen has been relatively accurate, and Auman GTL has exactly met the needs of Shenzhen's high-end logistics users and dangerous goods transport users. Through precision marketing and the accumulation of customer resources, GTL has accumulated Achieving good sales is a matter of course, followed by a situation in which the overall environment is not good this year, and manufacturers have introduced a series of preferential and promotional car purchase policies.The introduction of these policies caters to the needs of large customers and 95% of customers Loan to buy a car, Auman's policy is zero interest, low down payment, down payment is only a minimum of 10. The introduction of this preferential policy to a large extent solve the problem of customer funding difficulties, stimulate a large part of the customer's desire to buy a car Once again, the product performance and after-sales service of Auman GTL have been recognized by customers.In terms of product performance, we Last year, several Auman GTLs were offered to large customers for trial, and the five advantages of GTL's high reliability, high safety, low fuel consumption, high comfort, and high intelligence were all confirmed. It is in place, the service response is fast, the warranty period is long, and the reputation among users is very good."

High Tech + Minimum Total Cost = Auman GTL

The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is an internationally accepted technical evaluation standard. It refers to the total cost including home purchase costs and annual total costs within a certain period of time. It is generally 2 to 3 years. average of. The concept of TCO is the latest concept introduced by Auman. It considers the various costs incurred during the operation of the vehicle and takes a comprehensive consideration over a period of time according to their respective proportions. The total cost thus obtained can be better measured. The economy of the vehicle.

The proportion of each cost in the total cost is as follows: fuel cost 29%, management cost 11%, repair and maintenance 7%, personnel cost 28%, attendance rate 10%, depreciation 7%, tax Insurance accounts for 5%, and other expenses account for 3%.

A good heavy-duty truck product must be the product with the lowest total cost. Auman GTL not only has the leading technology of the European heavy truck, but also has the characteristics of low total cost of product operation. "The reason why Auman GTL has the characteristics of low total cost is mainly fourfold: First, it depends on leading fuel-saving technology, and after Mercedes-Benz technology matching, fuel oil under various conditions of no-load, standard load, and heavy load. Lower costs and sustainable fuel economy.The second is superior product quality, more stable, and higher attendance. 800,000 km of unrenovated quality ensure higher attendance and higher returns.3. Strong and durable, low failure rate, Long maintenance intervals, cheaper maintenance, Auman GTL's sufficient and cheap accessories, faster and cheaper repairs are in the leading position in the industry, fourth, low depreciation, high residual value of used cars, long service life, Auman GTL The wear and depreciation is small, so the residual value of the vehicle is even higher.” The relevant person in charge of the Marketing Department of Beijing Foton Daimler Automotive Co., Ltd. told reporters.

For the Auman GTL to win the favor of the market selling points, the responsible person said that relying on Europe's leading technology and the lowest total cost of product operation, the Auman GTL formed five major selling points.

The first is high reliability and 800,000 kilometers without major repairs. Auman GTL full-price link European standards, 100% restore the most severe simulation of the actual road conditions repeatedly tested, adjusted, optimized. With integrated design and Mercedes-Benz technology optimization, with higher product reliability and stability. New mold development, high-strength wear-resistant materials, high residual value of used cars, vehicle life increased by 5% to 7%. Rely on these to form the quality of the Auman GTL 800,000 km without major repairs.

The second is low fuel consumption, with an average fuel saving of 3 to 5 liters per 100 kilometers. On the one hand, the body adopts aerodynamic design, undergoes rigorous wind tunnel tests, and uses advanced aerodynamic design to effectively reduce roll resistance and wind resistance. The fuel-efficient version of the model matches the large-displacement, low-speed, fuel-efficient engine and many innovative fuel-saving technologies. The fuel atomization is good, and the multi-state fuel-saving switch is highly efficient and fuel-efficient. On the other hand, it is a lightweight design of the entire vehicle, and the entire vehicle structure is optimized for design, thereby reducing overall vehicle weight. Full load, more goods, lighter, more fuel-efficient. In addition, the use of Mercedes-Benz technology to optimize the matching of the power system to achieve vehicle optimization. In the 2012 China International Trucking Fuel Contest, the fuel-saving championship was won with 34.56 liters/hundred kilometers, which witnessed its excellent fuel economy performance.

The third is high comfort, with a comfortable configuration at the passenger car level. The cab has a through floor and it's oversized. The internal design is also more humane. It is designed using ECS' Ramsis software and meets ergonomic principles. Four-point suspension airbag body suspension for passenger car interiors, three-stage damping airbag seats, newly developed low-noise body, and comfortable driving. Independent heat source heaters provide warm air when the engine is off.

The fourth is high security and passed authoritative safety certification. In terms of passive safety, the body complies with the European standards for the prevention of frontal and side impacts of the EEC regulations and passes the highest level of safety certification from the German Rhine company. Active safety, 22.5-inch disc brakes, equipped with ABS ASR, EBS; optional follow-up turn signals, electric adjustment and defrosting exterior mirrors, LED floodlights; advanced seats and seat belts, rear view mirror no blind area.

The fifth is high intelligence, and the intelligence reaches 70%, which is mainly reflected in five aspects. The first is smart power, which can calculate the most appropriate combustion point and correct fuel quantity, which is highly efficient and safer. The second is the smart cab with power windows and doors, central control door locks, and automatic cruising. It is more free and more convenient. The third is intelligent control and management. It adopts an integrated electronic control system and an intelligent vehicle management system, which is organically coordinated and controlled. The fourth is the application of vehicle-mounted wireless network service system and intelligent remote control system, multi-functional management, guaranteeing reliability. The fifth is the use of smart navigation.

Excellent quality + Good reputation = User trust

According to Chen Kezhen, Shenzhen's Auman GTL user group is mainly high-end logistics users. “Long-distance transportation users choose Auman GTL more often and they are mainly engaged in the transportation of long-distance daily necessities or electronic products. Nowadays, some users of cold-chain logistics also started to use GTL to transport frozen products, fruit and vegetable products, and cold chain logistics users. The performance requirements of vehicles are relatively high, and the quality of vehicles is directly related to operational efficiency. The advantages of Auman's GTL in terms of high-speed, timeliness, and low fuel consumption are again confirmed in the actual use of users,” Chen Kezhen told reporters.

In Shenzhen, many customers using Auman GTL are all Auman’s loyal customers and use Auman’s vehicles for a long time. “In the logistics industry, the reputation of vehicles is very important. If the brand is recognized by a user, then the effect of word-of-mouth communication is very significant, and good word-of-mouth will bring more and more users. Many users who purchase Auman GTL. All of us are long-time and cooperative customers, and we chose to purchase GTLs that were just listed this year, which is inseparable from Auman’s good brand image and excellent vehicle performance. In addition, after the cooperation between Futian and Daimler, Daimler's participation and support in technology has also won the recognition of many users for Auman," said Chen Kezheng.

In the conversation, Chen Kejun specifically mentioned an Auhamian loyal user. He said: "Our major customers are many, Shenzhen Huayitong Transport Co., Ltd. is one of them. Huayitong has a relatively large scale and is a key logistics company in Shenzhen, mainly engaged in the transportation of dangerous goods. They ordered the first batch of goods. With 15 Auman GTLs, 10 more were added after the vehicle performance was approved. It is Auman's loyal and dedicated customer."

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