Shaanxi Automobile Huainan Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. put into production and launched a new energy heavy truck

On October 28, 2012, in Shaanxi Huainan Economic Development Zone, a heavy-duty, new-energy vehicle powered by LNG was off the assembly line.
Shaanxi Automobile Huainan Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. is Shaanxi Shaanxi Auto's only new energy special vehicle production base in East China, investing 1.59 billion yuan to build a production base of 50,000 new energy special vehicles annually.
It is reported that LNG (liquefied natural gas) heavy-duty special-purpose vehicles are more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly than traditional diesel vehicles, and the fuel cost is saved by 35%.

Meticulous division of labour, consecutive processes, professional of manufacture and high standard equipment ensure the high quality of the machine. 

Factory introduced high precision maching tools, with the equipment of cutting machine tools, heattreating facilities, check out test sets and painting facilities, the processing ability for middle and large size machine, reach a high level in plastic industry while the quality if the machine is ensured at the same time. 

Middle size machine can produce differnt design of crates and containers, videos can be provided. 

Vertification of many year's market application, optimal combination configuration, stable, reliable and durable system with the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, low voice and strong power. 

The strengthening design of template is carried out through multiple times of optimization design of major components such as template, based on the analysis of finite element software, which both guarantee the lifetime of template and protected mould. 

High rigid template adopts the structure with coexistence of installation screw hole and T-shaped groove. 

The tie rod of each machine model has passed the test by professional testing organization, which means that, the deflection of tie rod is within reasonable scope while guaranteeing the operation of machine. 


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