Sichuan's sales increase service sales, increase profits

China Petroleum News (Reporter Peng Chong Chen Guorui) The customer is the market. In the first half of this year, the Sichuan sales company re-energized, grasped services, increased network points, and in the extremely fierce market competition, cumulative sales of gasoline and diesel 3.06 million tons, an increase of 21%; self-operated gas station retail sales of 2.38 million tons, year-on-year Increased by 23%.

In the past two years, volatile oil prices and diversified competition have become the main characteristics of the refined oil sales market. What is the way to consolidate and deter rivals? "In the face of the low price impact of many competitors, our best strategy is to grasp services, stabilize old customers, and attract new customers," said Liu Xingguo, General Manager of Chengdu Sales.

To this end, Chengdu Sales will introduce the project responsibility system into customer management and target customers by focusing on fixed customers, tracking scattered customers, and digging potential customers. In specific practice, it signed strategic cooperation agreements with China Mobile, China Telecom and other enterprises, and shared high-quality customer resources; using the preferential policies of China Petroleum and Gasoline Cards, issued more than 20,000 cards to lock out the Huaxi Group, Luzhou Laojiao, and Lanchengyu Pipeline. And other large customers. In the first half of this year, Chengdu increased sales of 57 new customers, added sales of more than 20,000 tons, and total sales exceeded 400,000 tons.

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