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  • Model NO.: AD1201-S AD1202-S
  • Trademark: JM
  • Origin: Guangdong
  • Steel Ball Diameter: 15.875mm
  • Specification: CE
100% Brand new and high quality
Type: CY-15A or 5/8A
Steel ball diameter: 15.875mm
Shell diameter: 50mm
Pitch row: 40mm
Total height: 21mm
Monomer load: 10KG
Package content: 10pcs CY-15A
Item NO. Material
AD1202-S Steel

Hydraulic excavator is a kind of multifunctional machinery, which is widely used in water conservancy engineering, transportation, electric power engineering and mining excavation and other mechanical constructions. Plays a very important role.
The hydraulic drive of the excavator is closely linked, and its development is mainly based on the application of hydraulic technology. Its structure is mainly composed of engine, hydraulic system, working device, walking device and electrical control. Due to the harsh working conditions of the excavator, the required action is very complicated, so it puts high requirements on the design of the hydraulic system The hydraulic system is also the most complicated in the hydraulic system of construction machinery. Therefore, the analysis and design of the hydraulic system of the excavator has become an important part of promoting the excavator. The single-bucket hydraulic excavator is a kind of mechanical equipment for periodic operation. It consists of three parts: working device, slewing device and walking device. The working device includes a moving stick and various replacement equipment that can be replaced according to the work needs, such as front shovel, backhoe, loading bucket and grab bucket. The typical working cycle is as follows: (1) Excavating hard soil, generally during excavation Mainly stick action, use bucket cylinder to adjust cutting angle, cooperate with excavation; when digging in soft soil slope, the main action is bucket cylinder; in special excavation action, use bucket cylinder , Stick cylinder and boom cylinder combined action to ensure that the bucket moves according to a specific trajectory. (2) The full bucket lift and rotary excavation are completed, the bucket cylinder is pushed out, the arm cylinder is raised, and the full bucket is lifted; at the same time, the rotary motor is started, and the rotary table rotates in the direction of unloading soil. (3) The unloading turntable is transferred to the unloading location. The turntable brake bucket rod cylinder adjusts the discharge radius. The bucket cylinder is retracted and the bucket is unloaded. When there are strict requirements on the unloading position and height, it is necessary to move the arm kr to cooperate. (4) After the unloading is completed, the turntable rotates in the reverse direction, and at the same time, the boom cylinder and the arm cylinder cooperate to move the empty bucket down to a new digging position. The single-bucket hydraulic excavator has a very wide range of applications in construction, transportation, water conservancy construction, open-pit mining and modern military engineering. It is an indispensable main mechanical equipment in various earthwork constructions.

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