The man was found to be detained on the 2nd when carrying a 9-rifle bullet by security.

Chutianjin News reported that the man carried 9 rifle bullets to the train station and was seized by the iron police. The reporter learned yesterday that the man was detained by Wu for administrative detention for illegal carrying of ammunition for 2 days.

According to Enshi train station police station security police Zhu Xing Yu introduction, June 13 13 am, the station security staff by the X-ray detector examination revealed a passenger's suitcase suspected of containing bullets. According to the safety inspectors’ identification, the police quickly controlled the suspect man and seized 9 rifle bullets from his suitcase, including 7 “ballistic missiles” for training.

After the investigation, the suspect man named Wu Fenglai, who is 40 years old, is now living in Guangzhou. According to its account, the bullet was picked up on the roadside twenty years ago and has been kept in his hometown. He recently returned home from Guangzhou to visit relatives and discovered old objects. Wu said he knew that possession of ammunition was an illegal act. However, because he was lucky, he was ready to bring the ammunition back to Guangzhou for collection.

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Anti blocking regulating valve
Valve blockage is one of the common faults, especially when mud, pulp, pulp, caustic soda, or carbonized occasion are blocked. Except that the medium is not clean, the plug in the pipe will cause plugging. Therefore, it is necessary to have better anti blocking function, but there are no plugging valves at present, so it can only be considered from all aspects to improve its anti blocking function.
Anti blocking regulating valve
Selection of 1. valve flow patterns
A: from the structural point of view, the flow path of the straight stroke is S streamlined and the flow path is complex. So the anti blocking performance must be bad. Take the single seat valve as an example, after the medium flows into the valve from the horizontal direction, it flows vertically and flows out again. It can be seen that the complex flow of turning and turning can produce a lot of whirlpool dead zones, providing a precipitable space for the medium, so it is very easy to block up; from the combination of the sleeve and the valve plug, the gap between the two is small, and some unclean things will cause the jam. Look at the old single seat valve and the double seat valve. The direction of the lower cover is a dead zone where the medium precipitates. Precipitated things are easy to accumulate, causing the valve core to move downward very difficult, and valve blocking is not in place.
B: the angle stroke valve overcomes the problem that the flow path of the direct stroke valve is complicated and the upper and lower guide card is easy to plug in. The valve of the medium through the angle stroke seems to be straight out, the most typical "O" type, just like straight pipe, its anti blocking performance is the best, and the second is the eccentric rotary valve.
Selection of 2. type of throttling
When the medium flows through the throttle, under the same throttle area condition, if the throttle gap is small, the clean medium is not easy to pass through, so it is easy to clog; conversely, it is not easy to block. For the plunger type valve core, the throttle area is evenly distributed on the circumference, so the gap is the smallest; and then the window type valve core has the throttle area on the window, so the gap is larger than the plunger type, and the particles are easier to pass through. It can be seen that the more concentrated throttling area and the larger the throttling gap, the better the anti blocking performance. Such a typical product has a "V" type. Especially in the small opening work, the "V" type of throttling area is more concentrated, and more difficult to block the card, which fully demonstrates the "V" type of anti blocking advantages.
3. common measures for anti blocking:
In addition to improving the traditional flow path and improving the linear flow prevention measures, some anti blocking measures can be adopted for the medium, such as pulp, pulp, slurry, pulp and other media.
1) the smooth flow of the flow, the more balanced the better the transition. In view of the advantages of high concentration of thick slurry, poor fluidity and easy settlement, the direct through shell structure is adopted to minimize flow resistance and prevent blockage (that is, the diameter of the shell flange, and the outlet is larger than the import). This measure is very effective for thick slurry and other occasions.
2) according to the calculation, if necessary, the valve seat diameter can be reduced to improve the flow speed of the throttle port so as to improve the "self-cleaning" function of the valve itself.
3) add punching and sweeping interface before the valve seat, and use high pressure air or water to clean and block the inner cavity of the shell.
4) use an actuator with sufficient torque and strength.

Wind Blockage Valve

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